EM:POWER Task Force on the Future of Emergency Care

Draft Report

We need your feedback!  Emergency Medicine in Canada is failing its patients, its community and the caregivers within the system. We know this. We also know that the root causes of our problems extend beyond our departments. For us to survive our entire ecosystem must change.

The EM:POWER Task Force has spent the past 18 months probing the health care system with its many stakeholders, clinical and non clinical, to identify both challenges and solutions. The first draft of their report is now in your hands. 

If we are to succeed in defining a new era your expertise as a Canadian emergency physician is crucial. Give us your unfiltered thoughts and comments. We cannot do this alone. 

Thank you. 

We are now seeking questions and feedback on the draft to guide the final report. DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 5TH

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The Change Makers


System Set Up, Integration, and Workforce

ED Categorization, Quality, and Standards

Competencies, Certification, and Teamwork

System Integration

Emergency Physician Resource Planning

System Readiness and Resilience

What is an Emergency Department and What Should it Be?



Adapting and Evolving

Social Identity


Digital Health


Lessons from Other Health Systems

Climate Change

Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion

More Information?

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