Geriatric Emergency Medicine Committee

Supporting the care of older people in emergency departments.

Our mission is to provide a forum for Canadian Emergency Medicine (EM) clinicians, researchers, educators, and administrators committed to optimizing the care of older people in EDs; and to define and promote standards of excellence in their care.

Our vision is to create an environment within the Canadian emergency care community that promotes best practice, education, research, advocacy, and collaboration, which will serve to improve older adult emergency care across Canada.

The objectives of this committee are to:

  1. To establish and promote a network of people working in EM with at least a partial focus on older people;
  2. To provide a forum for exchange of developments in clinical care, research, education, and policy relating to older people in the ED and in pre-hospital care;
  3. To create a centre of expertise within CAEP on the emergency department needs of Canada’s aging population;
  4. To define standards for care of older patients in Canadian EDs;
  5. To promote research that prioritizes older patients in EDs;
  6. To enable education at the UGME, PGME, and CME levels.
Terms of Reference

Brittany Ellis



Audrey-Anne Brousseau

Vice Chair


Don Melady

Past Chair


Debra Eagles

Past Chair


Savannah Forrester


British Columbia

Jake Sawa

Resident Representative


Alice Gray

Member at Large


Doug Sinclair

Member at Large

Nova Scotia

Zachary Levine

Member at Large


Carrol Ann Lapierre

Administrative Support

CAEP Head Office

National Grand Rounds on 6 April 2022 titled: Improving Care of Older People in Canadian EDs – Why it matters and what you can do – DETAILS HERE

GeriEM CPD Course on 28 April 2022 – DETAILS HERE

Annual meeting at CAEP 2022: May 30 2022 @ 12:15pm (location to be determined)

How to Join

Interested in becoming a member of the CAEP Geriatric Emergency Medicine Committee? Please contact the Committee Chair here. Royal CBD Royal CBD Creams