CAEP Clinical Practice Guidelines

All CAEP clinical practice guidelines follow a standardized path to ensure quality and acceptance. If you have any questions regarding this process, please reach out to Jen Gale ( who will be able to assist you.

Type: Resource
Release Date: August 2021
Revision Date: TBD
Authors: Ian G. Stiell, Kerstin de Wit, Frank X. Scheuermeyer, Alain Vadeboncoeur, et al.
Type: Resource
Release Date: July 2016
Next Revision: TBD
Author(s): CAEP Pediatric Section, NENA

Type: Position Statement
Release Date: 2015
Next Revision: 2019
Author(s): Dennis Djogovic, Shavaun MacDonald, Andrea Wensel, Rob Green, Osama Loubani, Patrick Archambault, Simon Bordeleau, David Messenger, Adam Szulewski, Jon Davidow, Janeva Kircher, Sara Gray, Katherine Smith, James Lee,  Jean Marc Benoit, Dan Howes.

Type: Position Statement
Release Date: 2015
Author(s): Ian Steill, Anil Chopra

Type: Guideline
Release Date: 2013
Next Revision: TBD
Author(s): I. Stiell, R.D. McKnight, G.H. Greenberg
Type: Guideline
Release Date: 1996
Next Revision: TBD
Author(s): I. Stiell, G.H. Wells, I. McDowell, A. Cwinn, N. Smith, M. Sivilotti

1 CAEP position statements are prepared by a CAEP committee only. For position statements requiring CAEP endorsement, please see the endorsement procedure.

2 If the CJEM EIC recommends substantive changes, the document may require a second member review. Royal CBD Royal CBD Creams