EM Advancement Fund

Support Research. Improve Care.
Every day more than 50,000 Canadians attend an emergency department for care. Canadian emergency research is among the best in the world and helps physicians make safe, effective, efficient management decisions every hour of every day. Your contribution to the Emergency Medicine Advancement Fund (EMAF) supports emergency medicine research. Help researchers help physicians help patients.

CAEP is a registered charity and all donations are fully tax creditable. We will always respect a donor’s wish for privacy so please let us know if you prefer your gift to remain anonymous.

How Your Donations Help

Emergency Medicine Research Is Underfunded in Canada
At least 99% of Canadians will present to the emergency department for healthcare at least once in their life, making the emergency department a vital portal of the healthcare system. Despite the frequent use and importance of emergency services, emergency medicine researchers receive less funding compared to their colleagues in nearly every other medical specialty. Although some emergency medicine research topics will appeal to larger external granting agencies, many practical projects that will directly impact patient care will not. These include projects to reduce wait times and emergency department crowding, studies to assess the diagnostic tests we use everyday, and research designed to develop, implement and evaluate new treatments that will improve patient care.

CAEP Has Responded
Over the past 10 years, more than 50 emergency medicine research projects have been directly funded by CAEP. These grants have been essential in developing new front line, evidence-based improvements in patient care. The CAEP funded grants are directed to junior emergency medicine researchers, and often fund initial pilot projects that go on to receive major funding from other granting sources. CAEP is proud to have contributed to emergency medicine research that has changed the way we provide emergency care to our patients every day.

We Can Do Better Together

CAEP will support researchers who seek funding from outside of the organization, but it is up to us to  continue to fund these important research projects…and we need your help. Although many of us are not researchers, our everyday practice is directly influenced by the results of these research projects. Your contribution, however large or small, will help fund research on new procedures and treatments that will lead to better care for your patients.


What is the difference between the Annual Fund and the Endowment Fund? Proceeds from the Annual Fund are used to support EMAF grants on a yearly basis. The Endowment Fund will make EM research possible for the long-term by generating interest that will fund future research projects.
What are the administrative costs associated with the EM Advancement Fund? Currently, the EM Advancement Fund is subsidized by CAEP. 100% of funds go directly towards research.
Will I receive a tax receipt? CAEP is a registered charity (#118829357RR0001). Any donations made as entrance to an event (i.e. Docks that Rock) are not eligible for a tax receipt as per CRA legislation.
Who decides how the research funds are spent? The CAEP Research Committee provides a recommendation to the Board based on funds available. The CAEP Board gives the final approval. The EM Advancement Fund Terms of Reference are available here.
How does “Docs that Rock” fit in? “Docs that Rock” is the signature fundraising event of the EM Advancement Fund. Net proceeds support the EMAF Annual Fund. The entrance fee to this event is not eligible for a receipt under CRA legislation.

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