CJEM – Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine

The Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine (CJEM) is Canada’s only academic emergency medicine journal and the official publication of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP). CJEM is published twelve times a year by Springer Nature. Its first issue was released in April 1999.

Penny Gray-Allan Memorial CJEM Writing Award

The Penelope Gray-Allen Memorial CJEM Writing Award

2024 Call for Papers

Key Criteria

  • The award is open to any RCPSC or CFPC(EM) Emergency Medicine Resident in Canada
  • The prize will be awarded for the best paper with a focus on humanities in Emergency Medicine
  • The paper must be <1000 words excluding references.

Recipient Receives

  • Have their paper published in the CAEP conference issue of CJEM
  • Receive a $500 prize (for flight to conference or conference registration)
  • Award presentation and acknowledgement at the CAEP 2024 Conference Awards Ceremony held in Saskatoon.

Additional Submission Requirements

  • Submissions are accepted through the CJEM author portal HERE
  • Please address any questions to: cjem@caep.ca

Application Deadline: April 8, 2024

CJEM Photo Contest

CJEM 2024 Photo Contest

Award Criteria:

  • This award is open to any CAEP member
  • The prize will be awarded for the best photo that represents Emergency Medicine
  • The picture must be in digital format (minimum 300DPI). The photograph should be 190 x 110 mm.
  • Judging criteria: originality and representation of Emergency Medicine
  • Written consent must be included in the application if any faces are identifiable in the photo
  • A caption must be included with the photo

The award recipient will:

  • Have their photo on the cover of the July issue of CJEM

Please complete this FORM and return along with the photo submission to: cjem@caep.ca  

The submission deadline is April 8, 2024. 

CJEM Vision

Inspiring excellence in emergency medical care

CJEM Mission

To improve emergency medical care by connecting and informing providers

CJEM Objectives

  1. To promote communication and information exchange amongst physicians practicing emergency medicine in Canada, including those providing care in rural communities
  2. To improve emergency care of patients in Canada and elsewhere
  3. To provide current evidence to assist physicians practicing emergency medicine
  4. To disseminate high-quality emergency medicine scholarly work in research and education, produced by Canadians
  5. To provide scholarly opportunities for medical students, residents, and newly practicing physicians
  6. To promote communication amongst non-physician Canadian emergency care providers
  7. To disseminate Canadian emergency medicine content internationally
  8. To be among the top three emergency medicine journals within 5 years


If you have any CJEM related inquiries, please send an email to: cjem@caep.ca

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