Medical Students

Medical Students

This section is managed by the CAEP medical student representative. This is an annually elected CAEP medical student member who sits on the CAEP resident committee. The medical student representative is here to represent you, the medical students across Canada who are passionate about emergency medicine.

Message from the Medical Student Representative – Seth Turner

Hi Everyone,

My name is Seth Turner, and I am the incoming CAEP Medical Student Representative (MSR). I am a 3rd year medical student at the University of Calgary, and became passionate about emergency medicine (EM) working as a paramedic prior to school. As CAEP’s MSR, my primary responsibility is to bring EM-inclined students high-yield information about CAEP and, in turn, the field of emergency medicine. We accomplish that goal through a number of different initiatives, and I will briefly attempt to describe a few of them here.


Being a CAEP member comes with a whole bunch of benefits, and a list of them can be found here Further, CAEP offers students a very reasonable discount ($75 for the year). However, the true benefits of membership are a bit more intangible. First, getting involved in the annual conference is an awesome way to network and meet people in the field with shared interests and important insight. Speaking from experience, there are tons of opportunities to socialize with residents, physicians, and program directors, whether you are presenting research or not. Second, CAEP’s newsletter highlights developments and opportunities in EM across the country. It is basically a weekly list of ways you can get involved and pursue/display your passion. Third, and finally, CAEP has a number of internal opportunities, including committees, research, grants, and awards that are open to members on a regular basis.


The resident mentorship program links students interested in EM with residents interested in sharing their knowledge and experience. This could mean conversations via email and phone or, when we can match people geographically, in person. Basically, it’s an opportunity to direct all your questions toward someone with valuable answers. If you signed-up last year and we were unable to match you don’t worry, you are on the list and in que. If not, please fill out the following form

Social Media

Our Facebook page and Twitter feed are great ways to access up-to-date info about CAEP and opportunities in EM. As we approach next year’s conference, I will be using them exclusively to pass on important details, which include student-specific events, dates, times, locations, fees, etc. Moreover, I view Facebook and Twitter as collective spaces where we can all share resources and knowledge. If you would like to join, follow me @caepstudent and submit a request at

New Initiatives

Each year, we host a meeting for the emergency medicine interest groups (EMIG) across the country. The idea is to collaborate so we can disseminate important information to all students interested in EM. I am currently in the process of collecting relevant contact information, and plan to continue this tradition. I would also like to see this grow into something more. EMIGs possess valuable knowledge about local rotations and residency programs, which could easily be passed on to everyone. I hope to increase the level of communication this year so we can organize our collective knowledge in a shared space that can be accessed by all students – In a sense, an insider’s guide for visiting and prospective students.

A second initiative, started by my predecessor last year, is a student-specific newsletter hosted on CAEP’s website. The general concept is to highlight some of the cool work you guys are doing, and anything interesting/unique/exciting about your local EM departments, programs, and groups. As an example, please check out the article by McMaster medical student Jasmine Liu, which can be found here We are open to anything student-driven and EM-related, we just ask that it has been reviewed and approved by a staff physician. If you have a project you would like to highlight on our website, please send me a message at

Alright that’s it for now. Very excited to work with you guys over the next year, and hope to meet all of you at CAEP, Calgary, 2018!

Seth Turner
MD Student, Class of 2018
University of Calgary
Twitter: @caepstudent