Medical Students

This section is managed by the CAEP medical student representative. This is an annually elected CAEP medical student member who sits on the CAEP resident committee. The medical student representative is here to represent you, the medical students across Canada who are passionate about emergency medicine.

Message from the Medical Student Representative – Kylie Suwary

Welcome to the CAEP Medical Student Section!

My name is Kylie Suwary, and I am a fourth-year medical student at Western. As the CAEP Medical Student Representative for the 2022-2023 year, I hope to support medical students passionate about emergency medicine and connect them to others with similar interests within the field. I am excited to continue building on the previous CAEP medical student initiatives as well as finding new ways to support students interested in EM.

Over the next year, my responsibilities include representing medical students interested in EM, acting as the liaison between students and EM programs including faculty/residents and
providing networking opportunities for EM interested medical students. I will be continuing the resident-medical student mentorship program, updating the CAEP social media pages, advertising pre-CaRMS information sessions, and connecting with EM interest groups nationally. New this year, I will be creating a centralized location to find all things related to involvement in EM as well as developing more sessions related to competency-based learning in EM.

A little bit more about me – I grew up in Richmond Hill (but will still sometimes tell people I’m from Toronto!) and completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph. Beyond emergency medicine, I am also interested in med ed, simulation, and addiction medicine. When I’m not at school, I love cycling, reading books, and I am always looking for a good burger or coffee recommendation!

I look forward to meeting and working with many of you over the next year! Please do not hesitate to reach out.

Kylie Suwary
MD Candidate, Class of 2023
T| @caepstudent

Med Student’s receive a great discount (90$ for the year), but why join?

  • FREE EM Rap & ER Cast for Medical Student members
  • Discount on ECG Weekly, PEPID, Visual Dx and more!
  • Substantial discount to the CAEP conference: including intangible networking experience, ability to present your research and get to know the EM community
  • CAEP’s newsletter highlights developments and opportunities in EM across the country. It is basically a weekly list of ways you can get involved and pursue/display your passion
  • CAEP has a number of internal opportunities, including committees, research, grants, and awards that are open to members on a regular basis
  • Being a CAEP member comes with a variety of benefits, a full list of them can be found here

The resident mentorship program links students with current EM residents all over Canada interested in sharing their knowledge and experience to help you! It is an amazing opportunity to direct all your questions toward someone with valuable answers. Look out as this program sign up will begin August-September.

Our social media pages are great ways to access up-to-date info about CAEP and opportunities in EM. They are collective spaces where we can all share resources and knowledge. If you would like to join:

1) Follow me on Twitter: @caepstudent 

2) Follow me on Instagram: @caepmedicalstudent

3) Submit a request on Facebook at “CAEP Medical students”

4) Check out our CAEP Student Pamphlet – Click here!

1) Weekly student feature. The general concept is to highlight some of the cool work you guys are doing in your local EM departments, programs, and groups on a national platform. Each week, the amazing research/initiatives being done by students will be broadcasted through BOTH: 1) CAEP Medical Student Twitter/Instagram and 2) CAEP Twitter/Instagram accounts. Through this initiative, I hope to foster collaboration and give students the opportunity to be recognized nationally.

2) EM Program Info Nights. Continuing the previous work done in collaborating with EM programs, I aim to give students opportunities to learn from FRCPC and CCFP program directors and residents about each of their respective programs!

3) We are also working hard on some amazing new initiatives this year that will facilitate communication between students, residents, physicians and allied health. We are also hoping to shed light on opportunities for medical students to get involved in EM initiatives. Keep an eye out for these, they will be worth your time and membership! Royal CBD Royal CBD Creams