Medical Students

Medical Students

This section is managed by the CAEP medical student representative. This is an annually elected CAEP medical student member who sits on the CAEP resident committee. The medical student representative is here to represent you, the medical students across Canada who are passionate about emergency medicine.

Message from the Medical Student Representative – Kaitlin Endres

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the CAEP Medical Student Section! My name is Kaitlin Endres and I am an incoming fourth-year medical student at the University of Ottawa with a strong passion for medical education, simulation, philanthropy, and emergency medicine! I am excited to act as your liaison to the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) as your 2020-2021 Medical Student Representative (MSR) this year.


My main responsibility is to provide EM-driven students with information about what CAEP has to offer, establish communication among EMIGs nationally, showcase your hard work and create a strong EM-interested Medical Student community that will continue into your future careers. My additional goals this year are to support EM-interested students, no matter their stage of training, as we embark on this year of uncertainty together. I hope to work with EM programs nationally to create a platform they can use to showcase their program to prospective resident applicants. I hope to encourage even stronger collaboration among EMIGs nationally to ensure that students can access virtual events of interest put on across the country. And lastly, I hope to connect EM-interested students throughout all levels of their training, especially those in their final year of Medical School who will be embarking on their exciting and stressful CaRMS journeys this year. I hope that with your help and enthusiasm for EM, I can accomplish these goals this year!

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me. I am very excited about the upcoming year and hope that I will have the opportunity to meet many of you at CAEP in Winnipeg 2021!

Kaitlin Endres
MD Candidate, Class of 2021
University of Ottawa
T| @caepstudent

Med Student’s receive a great discount (90$ for the year), but why join?

  • NEW THIS YEAR – FREE EM Rap for Medical Student members
  • Substantial discount to the CAEP conference in Winnipeg: including intangible networking experience, ability to present your research and get to know the EM community
  • CAEP’s newsletter highlights developments and opportunities in EM across the country. It is basically a weekly list of ways you can get involved and pursue/display your passion
  • CAEP has a number of internal opportunities, including committees, research, grants, and awards that are open to members on a regular basis
  • Being a CAEP member comes with a variety of benefits, a full list of them can be found here

The resident mentorship program links students with current EM residents all over Canada interested in sharing their knowledge and experience to help you! It is an amazing opportunity to direct all your questions toward someone with valuable answers. Look out as this program sign up will begin August-September.

Our Facebook page and Twitter feed are great ways to access up-to-date info about CAEP and opportunities in EM. They are collective spaces where we can all share resources and knowledge. If you would like to join, follow me @caepstudent and submit a request on Facebook at “CAEP Medical students”

The yearly Canada EMIG online conference allows collaboration and dissemination of important information to all students interested in EM. EMIGs possess valuable knowledge about local rotations and residency programs, which could easily be passed on to everyone. I hope to increase the level of communication this year, so we can organize our collective knowledge in a shared space that can be accessed by all students – In a sense, an insider’s guide for visiting and prospective students!  I also look forward to creating a similar communication between clerkship students, class presidents in 3-4th year or Clerkship emergency medicine representatives.

The student-specific newsletter hosted on CAEP’s website. The general concept is to highlight some of the cool work you guys are doing in your local EM departments, programs, and groups.  We are open to anything student-driven and EM-related, we just ask that it has been reviewed and approved by a staff physician. If you have a project you would like to highlight on our website, please send us an email!

We are also working hard on some amazing new initiatives this year that will facilitate communication between students, residents, physicians and allied health. We are also potentially getting hands on some amazing resource a lot of residents use to ace their EM rotations. Keep an eye out for these, they will be worth your time and membership! Royal CBD Royal CBD Creams