Wellness Committee

Dr. Sara Gray

Vice Chair

Dr. Louise Rang


Dr. Brittany Cameron


Dr. Suzanne Boroumand

Resident Section Rep

The Emergency Medicine Wellness Special Interest Group strives to advocate and promote personal and professional wellbeing of Emergency Medicine across Canada.

In order to advocate for and to enable Emergency Physicians across Canada to embark on projects that improve professional wellbeing,

The Committee will:

  1. Link and coordinate leaders from Emergency Medicine in wellness resources and initiatives to guide and promote programs that have had regional success, for broader implementation
  2. Promote, develop and coordinate Wellness initiatives for the CAEP Wellness week that occurs annually, in an effort to draw member and public attention to important wellness issues facing Emergency Medicine physicians
  3. Strive to develop standardized wellness policy and procedures in Emergency medicine departments regardless of size
  4. Develop educational workshops, electronic resources or in-situ programs to promote development of wellness nationally
  5. Coordinate with other national wellness organizations for shared opportunities
  6. Pursue scholarly activities within the topics in wellness through position statements, highlights of initiatives or coordination of projects between multiple centers.
  7. Support opportunities to promote trainee EM wellness initiatives.
  8. Foster Mentorship on Wellness across all levels

The Wellness Committee was inaugurated at the CAEP meeting in 2017, in Calgary Alberta.  Physicians from all different backgrounds gathered to discuss important issues about Wellness in Emergency Medicine, and shared their passion to improve the landscape locally, regionally and nationally.  From this meeting, a special interest group (SIG) was formed, and goals both short and long-term were created.  With the support of the CAEP board and head office, the Wellness SIG  was granted full committee status in September of 2017.

Some of our short-term priorities are to carry out an environmental scan of wellness initiatives across Academic Canadian Centres, determine the level of wellness of Emergency Physicians across Canada, create an electronic presence, and provide a forum to share great ideas.

If you are a CAEP member (or would like to be), and would like to join the Wellness Committee, please fill out the information below.

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