CJEM Volume 9 Issue 1

CJEM Volume 9 Issue 1


EditorialRuminations on a (newly indexed) journalGrant Innes, MD

Original Research


CJEM Journal ClubDoes the administration of intravenous aminophylline improve survival in adults with bradyasystolic cardiac arrest? – Reviewed by: Katrina F. Hurley, MD

Medical MythologyMyth: Parenteral ketorolac provides more effective analgesia than oral ibuprofenSanjay Arora, MD;*

Diagnostic ChallengeIs it real?Isaac Grate, Jr, MD, FACEP, FAAEM;*

Diagnostic ChallengeIs it real? ANSWERIsaac Grate, Jr, MD, FACEP, FAAEM;*



ImagesA rare case of penetrating knee injury by a ropeBrian Petersen, CCP

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