CAEP 2024 Open Call

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP), and as Chair of the CAEP Nominating Committee, I am writing to inform you of the upcoming Annual General Meeting on Sunday June 8, 2024, and of an upcoming vacancy on the CAEP Board of Directors.

As per the revised by-laws, the CAEP Nominating Committee along with the CAEP Board of Directors are issuing an open call to all members for applications for 1 vacant Director position.

The Nominating Committee has always considered geographic representation (as per the CAEP by-laws) as well as rural versus urban practice, gender, and differing certification in its deliberations. More recently, the Nominating Committee has expanded the criteria to reflect emergency physicians and our patients more fully. Diversity criteria now also include, but are not limited to, race and ethnicity, age and sexual orientation/identity.

To fulfill the requirements of the CAEP Bylaws, the Board must have a regional presence from each of the five (5) geographical regions. For this election, this position must be from the WEST region.

Members are welcome to submit nominations for the position using the forms on the website: Board of Directors. Nominations must be submitted to the CAEP office on or before Friday February 23, 2024. Nominations must include the written consent of the nominee to serve if elected and must be signed by no fewer than five (5) active CAEP physician members.

Nominations may be submitted by email to by fax: 613-523-0190 or by mail to:
Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians
509 – 350 Sparks Street
Ottawa, ON, K1R 7S8

More information about applying for a CAEP Board of Director position can be found HERE

Yours truly,

Kirsten Johnson, MD, CCFP(EM),
Chair, CAEP Nominating Committee and CAEP Past-President Royal CBD Royal CBD Creams