CJEM Volume 20 Issue Supplement 2

CJEM Volume 20 Issue Supplement 2

Case Reports

Case ReportGamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), an unusual cause of high anion gap metabolic acidosisLaurence Carlier, MD*

Case ReportPriapism as the Presenting Complaint in Fatal Group A Streptococcal Induced Disseminated Intravascular CoagulationRichard J. Baverstock, MD*

Case ReportBolus dose of epinephrine for refractory post-arrest hypotensionMichael Gottlieb, MD, RDMS*

Case ReportRescue extracorporeal membrane oxygenation therapy in methamphetamine toxicityLaura K. Morrison, MD*

Case ReportBurns associated with e-cigarette batteries: A case series and literature reviewJamie Harshman, MD*†

Knowledge to Practice – ImagesA tight squeezeRachel J. Williams, MD*

Case ReportPulmonary embolism with cardiac arrest: a STEMI patient’s unexpected courseZoë Piggott, BAH, MD*

Knowledge to Practice – ImagesAcute scrotal idiopathic edema: A misleading erythemaFabiana Esposito, MD*

Knowledge to Practice – ImagesDiffuse soft tissue emphysema after dental procedureChia-Chun Liu, MD*

Knowledge to Practice – Images – Bulletproof heart: Gunshot wound to the ventricular septum without pericardial effusion or hemodynamic collapse – Lora Alkhawam, MD*

Case ReportSpontaneous tumor lysis syndrome in a patient with newly diagnosed metastatic colonic adenocarcinomaRoss Berringer, MD, D(ABEM)*

Case ReportIntentional overdose of the novel anti-epileptic drug eslicarbazepine presenting with recurrent seizures and ventricular dysrhythmiasJesse Thompson, BSc, MD*

Case ReportA cluster of patients with rhabdomyolysis after eating crayfishWen-Xuan Yang, MD*

Case ReportApical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy treated as ST-elevation myocardial infarctionChristopher J. Parr, MD*

Case ReportDouble sequential cardioversion for refractory ventricular tachycardia: A case reportHasan Sheikh, MD*

Case ReportIntentional overdose of liraglutide in a non-diabetic patient causing severe hypoglycemiaKevin J. Solverson, MD, MSc*

Case ReportPregnancy-associated spontaneous coronary artery dissection (PASCAD): An etiology for chest pain in the young peripartum patientRichard Lee, BHSc, MD*

Case ReportBeyond the limits – ECPR in putative fatal circumstancesIngo Graeff, MD*

Knowledge to Practice


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