CJEM Volume 2 Issue 3

CJEM Volume 2 Issue 3


EM Advances

CJEM Journal Club

CJEM Journal ClubIntravenous tPA for acute stroke: Any and all hospitals? Any and all docs?David J. Rhine, MD

CJEM Journal ClubAmiodarone for out-of-hospital cardiac arrestMichael J Bullard, MD


Academics Understanding equivalence trials (and why we should care)Jacques S. Lee, MD


Case Reports

Case ReportGamma-hydroxybutyrate overdose and coma: a case report – Meite S. Moser, MD;

Case Report Insulin overdose with recurrent severe hypoglycemia and preserved level of consciousnessG. Michael Allan, BSc, MD, CCFP*

Humour and Humanity

Humour and HumanityCompassion in the emergency department Norman L. Epstein, MD

Resident Issues

Resident IssuesFlying highYousouf Peerbaye, MD


NewsCritical care bypass: coming full circleBrian Schwartz, MD

International EM

International EM – Emergency medicine in ZimbabweGarth Dickinson, MD

Media Reviews

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