CJEM Volume 2 Issue 1

CJEM Volume 2 Issue 1


EditorialWelcome to the Third WorldGrant Innes, MD

ÉditorialBienvenue au Tiers-Monde– Grant Innes, MD


CJEM Journal Club


Commentary – Data is power: resistance is futileJ. Ross, MD

Commentary – Reflections of a triage physicianH. Zeit, MD

EM Advances

Case Report


Resident Issues

Diagnostic Challenge

Diagnostic Challenge Abdominal pain in pregnancy – K. Hollohan, MD

Diagnostic ChallengeAbdominal pain in pregnancy ANSWER – K. Hollohan, MD

Humour and Humanity

Humour and HumanityShopping for seniority – V. Robinson

Humour and HumanitySuccessful hospitalization of patients with no discernible pathologyG. Innes, MD

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