CJEM Volume 13 Issue 1

CJEM Volume 13 Issue 1

Original Research


EducationIntegrating CanMEDS competencies into global health electives: an innovative elective programRahim Valani, MD, M Med Ed*†

Key Questions for Training and PracticeHow do I effectively use electronic continuing medical education?Stuart P. Swadron, MD*

Knowledge to Practice

CJEM Journal ClubShould emergency physicians use etomidate for rapid sequence intubation? – Reviewed by: Carolyn Kelly-Smith, MD*

Case Report

Case ReportPseudoaneurysm formation following a traumatic wrist lacerationNaveen Poonai, MD*

Case ReportCough Syrup PsychosisAlfred Amaladoss, MBChB*

Case ReportPenetrating craniofacial trauma from a vice clamp: case report and discussionColleen Kjelland, BScN, MD*

Case ReportAsymptomatic pulmonary embolus masquerading as acute anteroseptal myocardial infarctionJeanne Noble, MD, MA*

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