The new test enables physicians to accurately differentiate between bacterial and viral infections, thus supporting fast and more-informed treatment and patient management decisions. This innovative solution is now available on the DiaSorin LIAISON® XL and LIAISON® XS analyzers.


Accurately distinguishes between bacterial and viral infections

DiaSorin’s high-throughput, high-quality chemiluminescent assay easily identifies the source of a patient’s infection using the LIAISON® XL and LIAISON® XS automated analyzers.


The clinical performance of LIAISON® MeMed BV® has been confirmed in validation based on testing with patients with signs and symptoms suggestive of acute bacterial or viral infection. Measures of Sensitivity, Specificity, and Negative Positive Value (NPV) have been calculated by considering a bacterial result as positive and a viral/other result as negative.


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Nezar Rghei
Scientific Liaison & MeMed BV Program Lead
DiaSorin Canada Inc
M: 905.980.1938

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