Better Together: Moving Towards Gender Equity in EM

Better Together:  Moving Towards Gender Equity in Emergency Medicine

CAEP24 Pre-Conference Workshop  
Saturday, June 8th, 2024
2pm – 4pm                 
TCU Place, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Dr. Gillian Sheppard (Memorial University)
Dr. Alim Pardhan (McMaster University)
Dr. Ayesha Zia (University of Ottawa)
Dr. Judy Morris (University of Montreal)

Registration fees: 
CAEP member, physician – $175
CAEP member, resident & allied health – $75
Non-CAEP member – $275

This course is designed for  family medicine residents completing a certificate of added competence in emergency medicine, emergency medicine residents, and physicians who practice emergency medicine in Canada and around the world.

Participants will develop a foundational knowledge in how female and non-binary trainees and physicians experience discrimination throughout medical training and in practice. We acknowledge that gender identity is unique for every individual. We also acknowledge that experiences of discrimination are intersectional. Women and non-binary individuals are more likely to experience discrimination if they identify with another equity-seeking group. This course focuses primarily on individuals who identify as female or non-binary.


Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

1.  Define the “leaky pipe-line” and identify specific reasons that deter women from pursuing leadership in academia.
2.  Describe the value of mentorship and sponsorship in building women leaders in medicine.
3.  Recognize that gender bias exists within emergency medicine.
4.  Identify specific behaviors that society has placed for the female gender and understand how these roles create conflict for female physicians.
5.  Define allyship and identify action items that male allies can undertake to help
advocate for their women colleagues.
6.  Define sponsorship including its critical role in advancement for women and recognize how men can sponsor women for leadership positions.

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