COVID-19 Stress and Sleep

Sleep Hygiene RoutineFreeN/AEveryoneGeneral tips to improve sleep.
Head Space (App)Free/Paid3 months free. Need to contact them with proof of profession, e.g. CPSO #, ID badge, or similar. EveryoneApp offering sleepcasts, meditations, relaxation techniques to improve sleep and mood.
Calm (App)Paid3 months free of premium membership. Sign up for Calm App and then contact them through their website. Include the email that you used to sign up and tell them you are a healthcare worker.EveryoneAward winning app that offers sleep, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, and other aids to lower stress and improve mental health.
Insight Timer (App)FreeN/AEveryoneApp offering meditations for anxiety, stress, sleep for adults and kids
ECHO Coping with COVID FreePhysicians, ResidentsVirtual sessions that address a variety of COVID-19 related mental health challenges. The goal is to promote resilience, connection, and wellness at a time that many are experiencing isolation, burnout, and stress.
Coronavirus Anxiety WorkbookFreeEveryoneFree coronavirus anxiety workbook
5 C's of Resilience frameworkFreeEveryone5 C's resilience framework to help manage stress more effectively.
American Pscyhological AssociationFreeEveryoneMental health resources centered around COVID-19 for psychologists, health-care workers and the public. Continually updated by the APA.
Care for your Cornavirus AnxietyFreeEveryoneGeneral resources for anxiety and your mental health in a global climate of uncertainty. Royal CBD Royal CBD Creams