COVID-19 Information

EM Crit Project (US)FreeBest evidence-based information from the fields of critical care, resuscitation, and trauma. Translated into easy format for bedside use in the Emergency Department (ED) and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Also, regularly provides COVID-19 updates.
EM Rap (US)PaidA monthly emergency medicine audio series full of CME and the latest reviews and perspectives. Weekly COVID-19 podcast with latest evidence based updates.
Emergency Medicine Update (Canadian)FreeFree Canadian evidence based podcasts. Weekly COVID-19 updates.
CMAJ: COVID-19Free (online)
Paid (print version)
CMAJ articles and podcasts about latest information on COVID-19.
COVID-19 and Mental Health (CMH) InitiativeFreeResearch and Wellness Resources
UpToDatePaidPromo Code offered through CCFP. Need to show proof of membership.Includes updated COVID-19section. Database, medical calculators, drug interaction, and CME credits.
Centre for Effective Practice: COVID-19: Clinical Practical Guidance for Primary Care PhysiciansFreeN/AGreat resource overviewing COVID-19, including palliative care, end of life discussions, PPE, and wellness.
University of Calgary Dept. of Medicine: MEOC Resources (COVID-19 section)FreeN/AAdmissions, inpatient care, transfers, discharges, clinical practice guidelines, educational tools, research and trials for COVID-19.
UBC: Rapid Evidence And Knowledge Translation (REAKT) for Providers During COVID-19FreeN/AEvidence based answers to ongoing COVID-19 questions.
CAEPFreeN/ACAEP's info on COVID-19 for Emergency Medicine physicians.
OMA: About COVID-19MemberN/AOverview of COVID-19.
Royal CollegeFreeN/ANavigating Medical Emergencies (NavMe) guide to patient management compiled by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Includes updates on how to best manage COVID-19 patients.
CMA (Joule): Ask a Librarian: COVID-19FreeN/AList of COVID-19resources by CMA. Updated weekly. Includes:
1. Clinical summaries
2. Clinical Info via ClinialKey (and book chapters)
3. Articles, article collections and reviews
4. Guidelines and other information (International, National, Provincial)
5. Telemedicine and Virtual Care
6. Ethics & Medical-Legal Resources
7. Patient Education Resources
8. Pre-populated literature search
CMAJ: COVID-19Free (online access), Paid (print version) N/ACMAJ articles and podcasts about latest information on COVID-19.
CFPC: COVID-19 Provincial and Territorial Information and ResourcesFreeN/AList of resources and information available, grouped by province and territory, for use by health care providers and/or patients.
Public Health Agency of Canada: "Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): For health professionals"FreeN/APublic Health Agency of Canada website on COVID-19 updates.
University of Manitoba Department of Infectious Diseases and MicrobiologyFreeN/AWeekly COVID-19 Report provides an easy-to-read digest of the current understanding of the virus behind COVID-19 and key diagnostic and therapeutic questions. (Available in English only)
CAEP: Recommendations for PPE in the Emergency Department for Covid-19FreeCAEP's recommendations for PPE in the Emergency Department for Covid-19
CMA: Use of Personal Protective EquipmentFreeReview of:
1. Reprocessing N95 respirators for healthcare professionals
2. What personal protective equipment is recommended for physicians and health care workers for Covid-19
Government of CanadaFreeRoutine practices and additional precautions for preventing the transmission of infection in healthcare settings.
Decontamination practices for HCW leaving the workplaceFreeSummary of recent evidence regarding proper decontamination with leaving the workplace
CAEP COVID-19 Staff Safety Guide1. After your shift, sanitize hands/phone/stethoscope even before entering the change room
2. Change out of scrubs and place into clothes hamper. If you're bringing them home, place them into washable bag (e.g. pillow case).
3. Have a pair of shoes that stay at work.
4. Have a separate pair of shoes to change into to drive home and these immediately are taken off and do not go into the house.
5. Cleans hands before entering your vehicle.
6. Work bag goes into plastic bag prior to entering the hospital and immediately taken out before you enter your vehicle.
7. Take off clothes you have worn from work (for the drive) outside the house setting (garage, etc.) and shower immediately.
8. If possible, have a separate shower/bathroom to use for washing up that is not used by your family.
9. Phone sanitization - soap box? Wipes? Alcohol wipes? Royal CBD Royal CBD Creams