COVID-19 Stress

ECHO Coping with COVID FreePhysicians, ResidentsVirtual sessions that address a variety of COVID-19 related mental health challenges. The goal is to promote resilience, connection, and wellness at a time that many are experiencing isolation, burnout, and stress.
Centre for Effective Practice: COVID-19: Clinical Practical Guidance for Primary Care PhysiciansFreePhysicians, Residents, and Medical StudentsGreat resource overviewing COVID-19, including palliative care, end of life discussions, PPE, wellness, stress, and burnout.
Pause 4 ProvidersFreeHealthcare Providers Nightly 30-minute drop-in mindfulness sessions for healthcare providers.
Coronavirus Anxiety WorkbookFreeEveryoneFree coronavirus anxiety workbook
Alberta Health Services - Taking Charge of what you can: A COVID-19 ToolkitFreeEveryoneToolkit with mental health and mindfulness strategies to help cope with COVID-19
5 C's of Resilience frameworkFreeEveryone5 C's resilience framework to help manage stress more effectively.
American Pscyhological AssociationFreeEveryoneMental health resources centered around COVID-19 for psychologists, health-care workers and the public. Continually updated by the APA.
CMA: "How leaders can support team resilience in a pandemic"FreeDepartment Chiefs and leadersList of resources for department chiefs and leaders on how to best support their team.
CMA: "Talk to your fears: strategies to manage stress during the COVID-19 pandemic"FreePhysiciansStrategies to manage stress during the COVID-19 pandemic.
CMA: "A Clinician's Guide: Managing COVID-19Stress & Anxiety"FreePhysiciansTips and advice on how to manage COVID-19 related stress and anxiety.
CMA: "Lessons from an astronaut: how to stay resilient in isolation"FreePhysiciansDr. Thirsk, former Canadian astronaut, shares his tips for managing isolation and building resilience, drawing on the many parallels between his experience and what Canadians and frontline physicians are facing with COVID-19.
OMA: "Keeping yourself healthy: Resilience and stress inoculation during COVID-19"FreePhysiciansList of resilience-promoting steps to help physicians cope with COVID-19.
CMA: "ABC123 - Psychological First Aid Tool": for acute emotional distress related to the COVID-19 PandemicFreePhysiciansMemory aid and tool that provides techniques to reduce symptoms of acute anxiety and other emotional distress.
CMA: Mindfulness workshops (Live)FreePhysiciansThese 60-minute live interactive, online workshops introduce the core components of Mindfulness Practice, an internationally recognized program to help physicians incorporate mindfulness into their clinical work.
CMA: Coping during COVID-19 - Expert Webinar SeriesFreePhysiciansVideos of common stressors during COVID-19and how to cope.
CMA: Recognizing the signs & preventing burnout during COVID-19FreePhysiciansList of signs of burnout and steps to treat and prevent it.
Boldly BlogFreePhysiciansBlog posts on physician wellness and leadership during a pandemic
Care for your Cornavirus AnxietyFreeEveryoneGeneral resources for anxiety and your mental health in a global climate of uncertainty.
Dr. Rick Hanson (Podcast)FreeEveryoneMindfulness podcasts. Offering special COVID-19 section on how to cope.
CMA Wellness ConnectionFreePhysicians, Residents, StudentsAn online platform with access to weekly facilitated, group peer support sessions, as well as related resources and tools. You do not have to be a CMA member to join the platform, but you will require a CMA ID to create an account.
OMA: Virtual ChatsOMA MemberPhysiciansDaily drop in virtual groups where you can connect with colleagues. Monday to Friday from 08:00 am to 09:00 am and 12:00 pm to 13:00 pm. Sessions last for up to one full hour. Dr. Kasra Khorasani, a psychiatrist at Mount Sinai Health Systems and St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto leads the check in, discussion and sharing of information.
OMA: Women Physicians Drop In SpaceOMA MemberPhysiciansA place to listen, share, and recharge. Facilitated by Dr Sabina Nagpal. Starting April 21, 2020, on Tuesdays at 08:00 pm. Join through Zoom. For more information:
OMA: Mutual Peer Support OMA MemberPhysiciansLive mutual peer support zoom sessions offered daily, 7 days a week, at 4 pm EST. Facilitated by Dr. Mamta Gautam. Email for zoom link:
OMA: Work Buddy SystemFreePhysiciansA buddy system to help you support one another’s welfare and safety. It helps make sure no one is left to handle things all alone. How it works:
1. Pairs or trios formally identify themselves as a buddy system. Teams, clinics and departments are asked to ensure that everyone has a buddy.
2. Establish the platform you are going to use to connect with each other. (e.g., text, FaceTime, WhatsApp, email, phone, Zoom or in-person at work as appropriate).
3. Set a time to check in with your buddies so it becomes a regular part of your daily routine. You can create your own check-in system using an emoji or refer to the wellness continuum below, e.g., “today I am feeling green or yellow, may be some orange….”
4. Offer support and listening from a place of understanding and care by asking each other questions to take an emotional pulse, for example:
i. How are you managing the basics, such as sleeping, eating or exercise?
ii. Are you taking time to unwind and recharge?
iii.How are things at home or work? Is there something you felt grateful for or moved by? A challenging moment?
5. Support each other by sharing coping tips and resources.
CMA: Buddy Check InFreePhysiciansHow buddy check-ins work:
1. Choose a person you know and with whom you feel comfortable.
2. Identify a way of connecting on a regular basis, either in person, by phone or by text. This type of connection can be mutually beneficial – it can also serve as a reminder to practice self-awareness (a self-check-in) and to take care of yourself.
3. Schedule these connections and try to stick to the schedule. (every morning, for example).
4. Use the HELP acronym* as guidance for your chat:
             i. Ask: “How are you doing?”
             ii. Be Empathic and understanding.
             iii. Listen without judgement and state your concerns.
             iv. Plan next steps: encourage them to seek formal support and/ or ask what you can do to help.
5. Having additional resources on hand can be helpful – start with this page.
MentorFreeChief, Physicians, Residents, StudentsBuddy up young staff and residents to a staff mentor to do weekly check ins and create a confidante.
What's App FreeChief, Physicians, Residents, StudentsCreate a community and peer support for EM department to vent, post updates, funny memes, encouraging comments and check in with colleagues.
Ten Percent Happier (App)App/WebpageFree for 6 months, Cornavirus Sanity Guide. Email for discountEveryoneOffers meditations, podcasts, blog posts, and talks to help build resilience, calm, and relieve stress.
Pause 4 ProvidersFreeN/AHealthcare Providers Nightly 30-minute drop-in mindfulness sessions for healthcare providers..
Calm (App)Free/Paid3 months free premium membership. Sign up for Calm App and then contact them through their website. Include the email that you used to sign up and tell them you are a healthcare worker.EveryoneAward winning app that offers sleep, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, and other aids to lower stress and improve mental health.
Mental Health and Self-Care ResourcesFreeEveryoneWebsite with listing of mental health resources
Insight Timer (App)FreeN/AEveryoneApp offering meditations for anxiety, stress, sleep for adults and kids
Head Space (App)Free/Paid3 months free. Need to contact them with proof of profession, e.g. CPSO #, ID badge, or similar. EveryoneApp offering sleepcasts, meditations, relaxation techniques to improve sleep and mood.
Stop, Breath, Think (App)Free/Paid optionsN/AAdultsThey have some specific coronavirus related meditations for adults. Kid option also available.
Smiling Mind (App)FreeN/AEveryone, ages 3+Mindfulness/meditation for adults, children, teens,. Great for all ages 3+
USCLA Mindful (App)FreeN/AEveryoneMindfulness/meditation app in English and Spanish
CMA: Mindfulness workshops (Live)MemberN/APhysiciansThese 60-minute live interactive, online workshops introduce the core components of Mindfulness Practice, an internationally recognized program to help physicians incorporate mindfulness into their clinical work. Instructors are graduates of the University of Rochester Medical Center Mindful Practice longitudinal internship program
Dr. Rick Hanson (Podcast)PodcastFreeEveryoneMindfulness podcasts. Offering special COVID-19 section on how to cope.
When Things Fall Apart, by Pema ChodronPaidEveryonePema Chodron's perennially best-selling classic on overcoming life's difficulties cuts to the heart of spirituality and personal growth.
The Power of Now, by Eckhart TollePaidEveryoneA contemporary spiritual master shows how living in the present leads to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.
Full Catastrophe Living, by Jon Kabat-ZinnPaidEveryoneThe landmark work on mindfulness, meditation, and healing.
Physician CoachingVariesVariesPhysiciansPhysician Coaches ready to help empower you to reach your goals. Each specializes in different areas from mindfulness, stress, organization, work/home/relationship stress, exercise and health goals, and more. Contact Dr. Sarah Smith for more info at and she can help find the best coach for you.
Physician Coaching InstituteVaries by programn/aPhysiciansPCI offers three training programs. Its programs are accredited by the International Coaching Federation.
Nadim Lalani CoachingPaidPhysiciansNadim Lalani is an Emergency Physician based in Calgary
Sara Gray CoachingPaidPhysiciansSara Gray is an Emergency Physician based in Toronto Royal CBD Royal CBD Creams