Master list of Children's BooksFreeEveryoneMaster list of children's Ebooks related to COVID-19 for various ages.
Mind Heart (PDF)FreeEveryoneSimple book about pandemic and virus. Good for younger kids. *Multiple languages
Covid with KidsFreeEveryoneCreated by Canadian child psychiatrists. Includes activities to keep occupied, ways to stay calm and deal with anxiety, and other helpful resources to cope.
CMA: How to talk to your kids about COVID-19: Considerations for health care providersFreeEveryoneAdvice on how health care workers should discuss COVID-19 and related health risks with their children.
Canadian Mental Health AssociationFreeEveryoneTips for helping children and youth cope effectively through the Covid-19 Pandemic. Includes mindfulness and stress management workbooks.
American Psychological AssociationFreeEveryoneAdvice and guidance on caring for, educating and supporting loved ones during COVID-19.
Head Space (App)Free/Paid3 months free. Need to contact them with proof of profession, e.g. CPSO #, ID badge, or similar. EveryoneApp offering sleepcasts, meditations, relaxation techniques to improve sleep and mood.
Calm (App)Free/Paid3 months free of premium membership. Sign up for Calm App and then contact them through their website. Include the email that you used to sign up and tell them you are a healthcare worker.EveryoneAward winning app that offers sleep, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, and other aids to lower stress and improve mental health.
Insight TimerFreeN/AEveryoneApp offering meditations for anxiety, stress, sleep for adults and kids
Smiling Mind (App)FreeN/AEveryone, ages 3+App offering mindfulness and meditation for adults, children, and teens. Great for all ages 3+.
Stop, Breath, Think, Kids (App)Free/Paid optionsFree & Paid VersionEveryoneApp offering meditations for anxiety, stress, sleep. They also offer specific meditations for COVID-19 and a child/youth section.
Anxiety CanadaFreeEveryoneCBT Therapies for Anxiety. Includes videos, app, and worksheets, geared towards adults, teens and children.
Mindshift CBT FreeEveryoneGreat app for teaching general ideas of cognitive behavioural therapy.
InkBlotPaidEveryoneOnline video mental health counselling for individuals, couples, and families. Treat mental health, stress, grief, addictions, postpartum anxiety/depression, eating disorders, personality disorders, PTSD, ADHD, schizophrenia. Royal CBD Royal CBD Creams