Provincial Physician Health Program (List)Free to members of provincial physician organizationPhysicians, Residents, & Medical Students, and their familiesList of Provincial Physician Health Programs. They provide prompt treatment, intervention, counselling, coaching, monitoring, advocacy and more for addictions, psychiatric conditions, grief, domestic violence, and relationship issues. Support is confidential and you can remain anonymous.
CAMH (GTA, Ontario)FreePhysicians, Residents, & Medical Students (Resources), GTA only for psychotherapyList of various resources to help healthcare workers maintain and improve their mental health.
Self-referral for health care workers to access psychotherapy and psychiatric services. To be eligible:
1. You are a health care worker in an acute care hospital in the GTA*
2. You care for patients who have COVID-19 symptoms
3. You require mental health and/or addictions support
The Alcohol Change CourseFree18 years old and up.8 week online course based on CBT to help alcohol addiction. Free, private, and confidential. Helps reduce drinking and improve your wellbeing.
InkBlotPaidEveryoneOnline video mental health counselling for individuals, couples, and families. Treat mental health, stress, grief, addictions, postpartum anxiety/depression, eating disorders, personality disorders, PTSD, ADHD, schizophrenia Royal CBD Royal CBD Creams