CJEM Volume 21 Issue 6

CJEM Volume 21 Issue 6


Invited CommentaryPOCUS predicts prognosis in cardiac arrestElizabeth Lalande, MD ORCID

Invited Commentary – Community paramedicine: A patch, or a real system improvement?Peter Cameron, MBBS, MD

Invited Commentary – Specialized concussion clinic referrals are not intended for all acute concussion patients in the emergency departmentCatherine E. Varner, MD, MSc


CJEM Debate Series

Just the Facts

Just the FactsHow do I manage the emergency airway?Jayanand Mekwan, MBBS(Lond)

Need to Know: CJEM Journal Club

CAEP Paper

Point of Care Ultrasound

Cardiac Arrest


Original ResearchCommunity paramedicine: A systematic review of program descriptions and trainingJoyce Chan, B.Arts Sc, MPH

Original ResearchFatigue and Safety in ParamedicineElizabeth A. Donnelly, PhD, LICSW, MPH, NREMT

Original ResearchWhat do community paramedics assess? An environmental scan and content analysis of patient assessment in community paramedicineMatthew S. Leyenaar, MA

Original ResearchEvaluation of pain management in medical transfer of trauma patients by airIsabelle H. Miles, MD



Case Reports


CommentaryThe scars we carryLeo R. Carroll, MD, MSc

CommentaryA loving embraceChristopher Byrne, MD


LetterNeeds assessment to identify content for simulation-based curricula in emergency medicineLeizl Joy Nayahangan, RN, MHCM

LetterWhat’s in a name?Sean Teed, CCP

LetterResponse to letter by Campbell and Teed in CJEMBrian Deady, MD


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