SteriMax specializes in the development, production, marketing and distribution of essential hospital and retail pharmacy products to the Canadian healthcare market.

Committed To Maximizing The Wellness Of Canadians

We believe that we play a role in improving healthcare. As a family-owned company, we strive to deliver healthcare professionals with the solutions they need to provide their patients with high-quality and accessible care. It begins with a simple promise – a promise that we all seek to deliver on – to maximize the wellness of Canadians.

How We Deliver On Our Commitment

Lowering The Cost Of Healthcare

With a focus on growing and enhancing both generic and branded drugs, we are helping to maximize the wellness of Canadians while lowering the cost of essential healthcare.

Providing Quality Products

We only work with high-quality and consistent suppliers to provide our customers confidence when selecting from our growing product line.

Helping Reduce Medical Error

Our user-friendly packaging helps healthcare professionals clearly identify the correct product for the patient.

Maintaining Established Drugs

Through carefully selecting well-established niche products we ensure that these products stay in the marketplace for those who need them.

Featured Product:

Used for:

• The induction of general anesthesia

• The supplementation of subpotent anesthetic agents during anesthesia for short operative procedures such as dilation and curettage or cervical conization.

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