Malpractice, Ethics, and Patient Care

CMPA: COVID-19 HubMemberInformation regarding CMPA's role and protection of physicians during COVID-19, including lack of PPE, limitations to patient care, physicians obligations and rights, and telehealth/virtual care.
CMPA: COVID-19 Reasonable Care PodcastMemberIn this podcast, CMPA Physician Advisor Dr. Yolanda Madarnas and CMPA Director of Practice Improvement Dr. Steven Bellemare discuss the stress generated by the sudden need to ration resources and restrict access to certain treatments in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to them discuss the concept of reasonable care and patient’s best interests to help you make sense of the unusual demands the COVID-19 pandemic may place on you.
CMPA: COVID-19 Healthcare Cybersecurity eLearningMemberFree Learning course for Canadian physicians to prevent cyber attacks. Provided by CMPA subsidiary, Saegis Cybersecurity.
CMA: Ethics and Medical-Legal ResourcesFreeList of ethics and medical-legal resources (Free)
CMA: Framework for Ethical Decision Making During the CoronavirusMemberFramework for Decision Making During the Coronavirus Pandemic (Must be a member to access).
BC Centre for Disease Control: COVID-19 ethical decision-making framework & Duty of Care (British Columbia)FreeInformation on this page is provided to inform health care workers of their ethical duty and to support health care organizations and teams in making challenging decisions.
National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy: Public Health Ethics & Covid-19 (Quebec)FreePublic health ethics and COVID-19 related resources including: ethics frameworks and guidance for pandemics and public health emergencies, frontline staff, patient care, vulnerable populations, indigenous population, and priority setting & allocation of resources. Royal CBD Royal CBD Creams