COVID-19 Concerns

ECHO Coping with COVID FreePhysicians, ResidentsVirtual sessions that address a variety of COVID-19 related mental health challenges. The goal is to promote resilience, connection, and wellness at a time that many are experiencing isolation, burnout, and stress.
Pause 4 ProvidersFreeHealthcare Providers Nightly 30-minute drop-in mindfulness sessions for healthcare providers.
Centre for Effective Practice: COVID-19: Clinical Practical Guidance for Primary Care PhysiciansFreePhysicians, Residents, and Medical StudentsGreat resource overviewing Covid-19, including palliative care, end of life discussions, PPE, wellness, stress, and burnout.
Coronavirus Anxiety WorkbookFreeEveryoneFree coronavirus anxiety workbook
Alberta Health Services - Taking Charge of what you can: A Covid-19 ToolkitFreeEveryoneToolkit with mental health and mindfulness strategies to help cope with Covid-19.
5 C's of Resilience frameworkFreeEveryone5 C's resilience framework to help manage stress more effectively.
American Pscyhological AssociationFreeEveryoneMental health resources centered around Covid-19 for psychologists, health-care workers and the public. Continually updated by the APA.
COVID-19 and Mental Health (CMH) InitiativeFreeEveryoneResearch on Canadian mental health and substance use challenges in the COVID-19 context and Wellness Resources
CMA: "How leaders can support team resilience in a pandemic"FreeDepartment chiefs and leadersList of resources for department chiefs and leaders on how to best support their team.
Fingerprint for SuccessPaidEveryoneResources for businesses and organizations to be able to address the serious and growing issue of remote work burnout.
CMA: "Talk to your fears: strategies to manage stress during the Covid-19 pandemic"FreePhysiciansStrategies to manage stress during the Covid-19 pandemic.
CMA: "A Clinician's Guide: Managing Covid-19 Stress & Anxiety"FreePhysiciansTips and advice on how to manage Covid-19 related stress and anxiety.
CMA: "Lessons from an astronaut: how to stay resilient in isolation"FreePhysiciansDr. Thirsk, former Canadian astronaut, shares his tips for managing isolation and building resilience, drawing on the many parallels between his experience and what Canadians and frontline physicians are facing with COVID-19.
OMA: "Keeping yourself healthy: Resilience and stress inoculation during Covid-19"FreePhysiciansList of resilience-promoting steps to help physicians cope with Covid-19.
CMA: "ABC123 - Psychological First Aid Tool": for acute emotional distress related to the Covid-19 PandemicFreePhysiciansMemory aid and tool that provides techniques to reduce symptoms of acute anxiety and other emotional distress.
CMA: Mindfulness workshops (Live)FreePhysiciansThese 60-minute live interactive, online workshops introduce the core components of Mindfulness Practice, an internationally recognized program to help physicians incorporate mindfulness into their clinical work.
CMA: Coping during Covid-19 - Expert Webinar SeriesFreePhysiciansVideos of common stressors during Covid-19 and how to cope.
CMA: Recognizing the signs & preventing burnout during Covid-19FreePhysiciansList of signs of burnout and steps to treat and prevent it.
Boldly BlogFreePhysiciansBlog posts on physician wellness and leadership during a pandemic
Care for your Cornavirus AnxietyFreeEveryoneGeneral resources for anxiety and your mental health in a global climate of uncertainty.
Dr. Rick Hanson (Podcast)FreeEveryoneMindfulness podcasts. Offering special Covid-19 section on how to cope.
CAEP: Recommendations for PPE in the Emergency Department for Covid-19FreeCAEP's recommendations for PPE in the Emergency Department for Covid-19
CMA: Use of Personal Protective EquipmentFreeReview of:
1. Reprocessing N95 respirators for healthcare professionals
2. What personal protective equipment is recommended for physicians and health care workers for Covid-19
Government of CanadaFreeRoutine practices and additional precautions for preventing the transmission of infection in healthcare settings.
Decontamination practices for HCW leaving the workplaceFreeSummary of recent evidence regarding proper decontamination with leaving the workplace
CAEP COVID-19 Staff Safety Guide1. After your shift, sanitize hands/phone/stethoscope even before entering the change room
2. Change out of scrubs and place into clothes hamper. If you're bringing them home, place them into washable bag (e.g. pillow case).
3. Have a pair of shoes that stay at work.
4. Have a separate pair of shoes to change into to drive home and these immediately are taken off and do not go into the house.
5. Cleans hands before entering your vehicle.
6. Work bag goes into plastic bag prior to entering the hospital and immediately taken out before you enter your vehicle.
7. Take off clothes you have worn from work (for the drive) outside the house setting (garage, etc.) and shower immediately.
8. If possible, have a separate shower/bathroom to use for washing up that is not used by your family.
9. Phone sanitization - soap box? Wipes? Alcohol wipes? Royal CBD Royal CBD Creams