CJEM Volume 19 Issue 1

CJEM Volume 19 Issue 1

Original Research



Knowledge to Practice

Diagnostic Challenge – A Diagnostic Challenge: Acute Flaccid ParalysisDavid Lussier, MD

Tips from the TrenchesA low-fidelity, high-functionality, inexpensive ultrasound-guided nerve block model – Daniel Micheller, MD

ImagesGiant Intrahepatic Biloma Following Blunt Hepatic InjuryChien-Ze Peng, MBBS, MD

ImagesEmphysematous pyelonephritisChen-Min Hung, MD

CJEM Journal ClubEarly goal-directed therapy versus usual care in the management of septic shockMichael Gottlieb, MD

CJEM Journal ClubDelayed sequence intubation: is it ready for prime time?John A. Taylor, MD, MPH

Case Reports


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