CJEM Volume 16 Issue 6

CJEM Volume 16 Issue 6


EditorialCaught napping in the time of tropical diseasesNiranjan Kissoon, MBBS*

CommentaryPris au dépourvu par l’arrivée de maladies tropicalesNiranjan Kissoon, MBBS*


Original Research

CAEP Guidelines

Brief Educational Report

Knowledge to Practice

Tips from the TrenchesDetection and retrieval of ferromagnetic foreign particles in cosmetically sophisticated regionsTobias Helfen, MD*

CJEM Journal ClubShould family members witness cardiopulmonary resuscitation? – Reviewed by Salvatore Mottillo, MD*

CJEM Journal ClubTraumatic pancreatic transection from blunt abdominal traumaEeling Goh, MBBS

Case Reports

Humour and Humanity

Humour and HumanityLumbar punctures don’t kill peopleAlim Nagji, BHSc, MD

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