CJEM Volume 15 Issue 3

CJEM Volume 15 Issue 3



LettersWho Should Fund CME?Joel Lexchin, MD

Administration Series

Administration SeriesInnovative staffing in emergency departments: the role of midlevel providersKevin Klauer, DO, EJD

Original Research

Brief Educational Report

Brief Educational ReportImplementation of small-group reflection rounds at an emergency medicine residency programLeana S. Wen, MD, MSc*

Brief Educational ReportThe reverse classroom: lectures on your own and homework with facultyJonathan Sherbino, MD MEd*

Resident Issues

Resident IssuesWilderness medicine opportunities in Canada do existGwynn Curran-Sills, MSc, MD, CCFP

Knowledge to Practice

Case Report

Humour and Humanity

Humour and Humanity 20:21Meira Louis, MD, MSc

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