CJEM Volume 14 Issue 6

CJEM Volume 14 Issue 6


EditorialBrief Educational Reports: a new manuscript categoryJonathan Sherbino, MD*

ÉditorialLe Bref compte rendu pédagogique, une nouvelle catégorie de manuscritsJonathan Sherbino, MD*


Original Research


Brief Educational Report

Knowledge to Practice

Diagnostic ChallengeA painful rashJeremy M. Rose, MD*

Diagnostic ChallengeA painful rash ANSWERJeremy M. Rose, MD*

Case Report

Case ReportBilateral occult hip fractureWillis B. Grad, MD, CM*

Case ReportLactic acidosis following intentional overdose by inhalation of salmeterol and fluticasoneAlessandro Manara, MD*

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