CJEM Volume 14 Issue 1

CJEM Volume 14 Issue 1



Original Research


CAEP Guideline

Knowledge to Practice

CJEM Journal ClubEmergency department risk stratification in upper gastrointestinal bleeding – Reviewed by: Huma Ali, MD CM*

CJEM Journal ClubSurgical mask versus N95 respirator for preventing influenza among health care workers: a randomized trialDamon Atrie, MD

CJEM Journal ClubThe use of tranexamic acid for trauma patients?Bryan J. Weber, BSc, MD*

Case Report

Case ReportCarbon monoxide poisoning in narghile (water pipe) tobacco smokersGiovanna La Fauci, MD*


HumanityA healing heartValerie C.L. Athaide, MD

HumanityMy mentorsJoseph Bednarczyk, MD

Residents’ Corner

Residents’ CornerFrom Nova Scotia to Singapore: emergency medicine in actionAlison R. Dixon, BA,

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