ED Physician Burnout Roster

Emergency medicine is known to be a high-stress specialty. Work related stress and burnout have repeatedly been theorized to negatively impact physician-patient interactions, collaboration between healthcare professionals, team morale and ultimately overall physician mental and physical health.

Considering the detrimental effect of burnout on emergency physicians, we are undertaking a project to describe the level of burnout in Emergency Physicians across Canada.

We need your help. If you are interested in completing a survey regarding burnout in Emergency physicians Canada we are asking that you visit the website below and provide your email address. Once we have created a roster of physicians willing to participate we will send an invitation to complete the anonymous survey.


Thanks for participating in this important initiative!

Please feel free to share this invitation with any Emergency Medicine physicians who may not have received it through CAEP membership or social media. We are hoping to get input from as many Emergency physicians as possible to accurately describe the burnout rates across the country.

Dr. Rodrick Lim