Emergency Resident Wellness

Emergency Resident Wellness has been highlighted as a national strategic priority for the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Resident Section. It has also been widely recognized by training programs of all specialties across the country as an essential aspect of resident training. Resident Doctors of Canada completed a survey in 2013 assessing resident wellness, however it was not specific to emergency residents, and the subgroup analysis did not have sufficient emergency medicine responses. The current wellness climate is posited to be variable across the country for emergency medicine programs. Moreover, residency training and Emergency Medicine pose inherent challenges to wellness.  The CAEP Resident Section has collected a list of local and online wellness resources. We are also launching an annual Wellness Week to remind, reconnect and revitalize wellness initiatives.

As always if you have any feedback, resources to contribute or questions please do not hesitate to contacts us.

CAEP Resident Section

Wellness Week Highlights

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