CJEM Volume 9 Issue 4

CJEM Volume 9 Issue 4


EditorialSo you want to be an Editor-in-Chief*. . . Jim Ducharme, MD

ÉditorialAinsi, vous aimeriez être rédacteur en chef. . .* Jim Ducharme, MD

Original Research

Resident Issues

Resident IssuesAdvocacy and activism in emergency medicineKatrina F. Hurley, MD


State of the Art / Systematic ReviewA systematic review of the impact of nurse practitioners on cost, quality of care, satisfaction and wait times in the  emergency departmentAlix J.E. Carter, MD;*†

Diagnostic ChallengeMy aching shoulderJacquelyn Dirks, MD;*

Diagnostic ChallengeMy aching shoulder ANSWERJacquelyn Dirks, MD;*


Case Reports

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