CJEM Volume 22 Issue Supplement 2

CJEM Volume 22 Issue Supplement 2

ORNGE Supplement

ORNGE SupplementCanadian Transport Medicine: Waypoints and Destinations – D. Gregory Powell, MD, OC*

ORNGE SupplementCryoprecipitate transfusion in bleeding patientsBarto Nascimento, MD*

ORNGE SupplementPre-hospital hypothermia is associated with transfusion risk after traumatic injuryNaheed K. Jivraj*

ORNGE SupplementClinical handover from emergency medical services to the trauma team: A gap analysisArshia P. Javidan, BHSc*†‡

ORNGE SupplementIdentifying causes of delay in interfacility transfer of patients by air ambulanceAlanna Wong, MD*

ORNGE SupplementCan a screening tool safely identify low risk cardiac patients to be transported with primary care flight paramedics?Justin Godbout, MD*

ORNGE SupplementFactors associated with non-optimal resource utilization of air ambulance for interfacility transfer of injured patientsAndrew Quirion, MD*

ORNGE SupplementAir medical transport mythsRussell D. MacDonald, MD MPH*†

ORNGE SupplementAbdominal ultrasound image acquisition and interpretation by novice practitioners after minimal training on a simulated patient  modelBradleyWaterman, MD, BAS*

ORNGE SupplementBlood product transfusion during air medical transport: A needs assessmentRussell D. MacDonald, MD, MPH*†‡

ORNGE SupplementQuality of abdominal ultrasound image acquisition by novice practitioners following a minimal training session on healthy  volunteersBradley Waterman, MD*

ORNGE SupplementHazard control for communicable disease transport at OrngeMichael B. Peddle, MD*

ORNGE SupplementCritical care transport in the time of COVID-19Homer Tien, MD, MSc*†

ORNGE SupplementPrimary aeromedical retrieval crew composition: Do different teams impact clinical outcomes? A descriptive systematic reviewColin Laverty, CD, MD*

ORNGE SupplementImplementing a 2019 coronavirus disease airway management strategy for a provincial critical care and ground transport programScott MacDonald, MD*

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