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As frontline workers, our members have always been heavily relied on by Canadians. This past year has been unbelievably challenging with a once in a lifetime pandemic. Our members have stepped up to the plate to keep Canadians and individuals in our communities safe. In spite of the challenges of an overwhelmed system exacerbated by COVID-19, our EM community has shown extraordinary leadership and commitment to providing the best patient care.  It is now time to come forward with a fresh approach to highlight and reflect on the dynamic personalities of the individuals who come together to form the CAEP family.

Our members have unique stories about their journey into emergency medicine and what keeps them dedicated to their patients and their practice. As the national voice for EM, CAEP is telling their stories.  Established by the Residents Section and modeled after the Humans of New York, CAEP’s Humans of Emerg will continue to explore these stories through a variety of mediums. We will highlight their dedication, passion and initiatives that catalyzed positive change. Now, more than ever it is important to recognize the work of our members.

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