Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section

The Section of Pediatric Emergency Medicine of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians seeks to continually improve the quality of care for pediatric patients advocacy for and recognition of the unique needs of acutely and critically ill children presenting to emergency departments in Canada.

The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section’s mission is:

  • To advocate for timely and appropriate access to skilled emergency care for children in Canada.
  • To participate in the development of continuing professional development (CPD) of pediatric emergency medicine topics within CAEP.
  • To collaborate with Canadian and international organizations in Canada towards developing the knowledge, education, and research capacity in the subspecialty of pediatric emergency medicine.
Terms of Reference
Tim Lynch


London, ON

David Warren


London, ON

Rod Lim

Past Chair

London, ON

All CAEP members are welcome to join and participate in the section.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section Executive Committee vacant positions will be posted in the CAEP Connects and on CAEP social media channels.

Contact Christina Bova for more information at

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Section Annual Update