Research Committee Members


Rob Green, Chair
Dalhousie University
Tia Renouf, Vice-chair
Memorial University
Paul Atkinson, Past-chair
Dalhousie University
Andrew McRae, Awards
University of Calgary


Corinne Hohl, Awards
University of British Columbia
Patrick Archibault, Fund Raising
Université Laval
Eddy Lang, IFEM
University of Calgary
Carolyn Snider, Member
University of Manitoba


Christian Vaillancourt, Networking
University of Ottawa
Jan Jensen, Networking
Dalhousie University
Amy Plint (reporting) – PERC
Jeff Perry (reporting) – CAEP Academic Section, Research Working Group


Bruce Mcleod,
CAEP - President
Paul Pageau,
CAEP - Treasurer
Vera Klein,
CAEP – Executive Director

Lee Arbon,
CAEP - Communications
Jennifer Artz,
CAEP - Research
Adele Ashby,
CAEP – Finance